Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Great Google Adventure: The Genesis

It was the 14th of October as I was sitting in Beach Hall for Software Engineering waiting for lecture to start when I heard my inbox notification go off. Glancing at the subject, I became curious as to what the email was about. I saw a forwarded message of a forwarded message of an email from a UConn alumnus who was doing some recruiting for Google a couple weeks earlier. He had just so happened to hear about my mind-controlled drone project and was interested in sending my contact info to more recruiters at Google. I couldn't believe what I was reading. Google -- the company I've wanted to work for since joining the CSE program.

I'm walking around Google Cambridge as part of a tour during my internship, impressed by the office. I can't help but wonder if they do summer internships in this office or just the main HQ in Mountain View. I ask a fellow intern if they ever do recruiting at Tufts. I say, "I wish Google would come to UConn to do recruiting."

I'm flipping through the channels in my suite in Andover, Massachusetts after a long day at the office. I happen to see The Internship is on next, a comedy about two middle-aged dudes who manage to become Google interns for a summer. I decided to watch it because, hey, why not? Throughout the movie I'm thinking to myself, "Wow, I wish that was me, I bet I'd have a blast there." The movie finally ends and I'm thrown back into reality of my regular internship. At least I have one unlike some of my less fortunate friends, but still...

I liked to imagine one day I'd end up working at Google, although I doubted it would be anytime soon, as I'd only been programming for 2 years. Now I was being presented with the golden opportunity to make that day sooner than I would have ever hoped for.

Excitedly, I responded with all necessary contact info as well as a link to the magazine article I was featured in for the project and a video of the demo he missed me give to a group of students participating in an ACM robotics contest a couple weeks earlier. I waited for a response and... nothing.

Until a week later. 

I got the email from a different Googler, who became my recruiting contact. And so began my internship interview process with the Silicon Valley tech giant.