Q1: (Some internship-related question)

A1: This is the general FAQ, check out the FAQ on my internship blog for all internship-related inquiries.

Q2: Did you program before coming to college?

A2: No, my high school didn't even have engineering classes until AFTER I graduated. I never was introduced to it before college so I never explored it on my own time. (Explore Engineering 2011 at UConn doesn't count, the CSE department wasn't showcased very well.)

Q3: What made you choose CSE/Engineering then?

A3: I came to UConn as a mechanical engineer but switched out February of my second semester. CSE seemed like a more rewarding albeit a more challenging field. I'm not sure if it actually is, I didn't feel like sticking around the ME department long enough to find out. I only picked that department because they advertised it as what the Mythbusters do. Engineering I figured would be a good fit for me since I enjoy math and science.

Q4: What's your favorite language?

A4: Probably Java because that was my first "real" language and I code the most often in it. I also like C (when I don't have memory leaks or multithreaded bugs) and Objective-C for whenever I need to make a mobile app like at hackathons. CSS (although not a "programming" language) is great too because I can add all sorts of cool modifications to webpages like my blogs.

Q5: Why not Python?

A5: I haven't really done much with it besides 1 honors conversion project back in 2014. I'm hoping to use Python in my thesis to get more experience with it. I want to mess around with it over the summer but I kind of need to learn C++ and Go first for my internship.

Q6: Emacs or Vi?

A6: I'm not telling you which because I know better than to start a flame war over which is the superior editor.

Q7: What are you doing after college?

A7: If I do make up my mind and decide to go to grad school, I'm going to try to go Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, or some other really good grad school for computer science so I can get my master's. If I decide to go into industry, I want to move out to Silicon Valley and finally see the west coast for the first time.

Q8: Have you ever been to a UConn basketball game?

A8: No, I don't have time for that. I did at least watch the 2014 final match between UConn and Kentucky on my laptop from the comfort of my own dorm room... and then I got to watch the ensuing chaos from one of the study lounges as literally thousands of people came pouring out of Gampel screaming and more came running from their dorms. 

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